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Crimson Worm blogger Larry Short at St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Crimson Worm blogger Larry Short at St. Mary's Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana.

Larry Short graduated from Biola University in 1981 with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Bible. He currently serves as New Media Strategist and Web Guru for World Vision in the United States, and as young adults pastor at Elim Evangelical Free Church in Puyallup, Washington.

Larry is the co-author of several books on church health, compassion ministry, and church planting. He lives with his wife Darlene in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. My husband and I are studying what the Bible says about tithing and I read your comment to the blog “is time to rethink the tithe?” I completely agree with you! May I hear more from you about tithing? Was it a command only for the Jews of the Old Testament? Why should it still apply today? I would like to be able to convince someone whose views oppose mine about both the responsibility of tithing and the blessings from it, that is it is not merely a good work to gain merit, but the response to the grace and love of God. Will appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate that! I think this is a very important topic. I believe we (Christians) have been disobedient when it comes to the spirit of giving (as opposed to tithing … I’ll explain in a moment), and as a result we are not experiencing all the blessing that God has for us.

    The average Christian churchgoer gives far less than 5% of their income to God’s ministry. Just imagine what could be done for the Kingdom if giving was extravagantly doubled or tripled, and those resources were invested in a wise and godly way by Christ’s Church.

    I do believe “tithing” (giving 10%) is an Old Testament concept. It is not mentioned in the New Testament directly. However, the New Testament principle for giving is far more dynamic (and rigorous, when you think about it): “Give as God has prospered you.” Also, “give cheerfully” (extravagantly, with great energy and excitement)!

    My opinion is that the Old Testament principle (10%) is a BASELINE MODEL for New Testament giving. If you are truly giving as God has prospered you, and giving extravagantly, then shouldn’t you at least match what was expected of the average Old Testament believer?

    The grace of Christ banishes the curse of legalism, so I do not believe we should (or morally can) say to another believer, “Show me your checkbook! Ah wait … you’re not giving 10% … you must be living in sin!” However, we can admonish and encourage one another to be obedient to God’s admonition to “Give cheerfully!” and to “Give as God has prospered you.”

    In the ocean of grace, it’s all about the heart, isn’t it?

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