NEW BOOK: God as a wild dog … and other surprising divine metaphors

Wearing God by Lauren Winner (thumbnail of book cover)I’m very excited today to read (and comment on) a Religion News Service column by Jonathan Merritt about a new book by Lauren Winner, titled Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, Fire, and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God.

The book “explores many surprising and provocative images for God that help us experience and understand God in fresh ways.” (Which is exactly what I created this blog to do!)

I’m looking forward to reading and discussing it with you!

About Larry Short

Larry Short is an author and novelist with three decades of experience in Christian communications, digital innovation, and nonprofit management. A graduate of Biola University, he created, won the Evangelical Press Association’s Best Personality Feature of the Year award for this article in 1981, and recently published Fountains of the Deep on Amazon Kindle. These days he spends his time working on a new (sci fi) novel, feeding his Mushroom Obsession, and driving for hire. He is also a young adults pastor, elder, prayer ministry coordinator and community groups coordinator at an Evangelical Free church in the Northwest, as well as a grandfather, exotic mushroom hunter and hobby cyclist.

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  1. Zia Pervez Mirza

    God is a wild….. I cant not say the other word. This is unthinkable to me and I need no clarification. Please delete me from ur mailing list. How u treat the Glorious God.

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